We look for strong content and prose. We pride ourselves in discovering new literary talent. The market is in need of fresh voices with the power to challenge our precepts and stimulate our imaginations.

We are not afraid to challenge the status quo, change our business model, or go out on a limb in our efforts to garner interest for our clients. We use our imaginations and present innovative ideas to influence decision makers.

Thus, we are seeking those individuals who have the ability to influence the way others think and act. Previous publishing credits are very important. We encourage potential clients to submit articles to reputable magazines and other sources to build credibility and following.

We will analyze your proposal by asking the question, “Can we create a win-win opportunity.” We are only interested in building long-term relationships built on integrity, passion, and dedication.


We prefer your work be completed before submitting a query. Do not send a complete manuscript. Include a synopsis, which fully summarizes the action from beginning to end and the first two chapters. All submissions should be made by email to lpluby@hismediagroup(dot)com.

Be sure to include the following:

  • What goal are you attempting to achieve with the writing?
  • How do you plan to accomplish your goal?
  • Is there a needed market and is the timing?
  • Why is your spin on the subject better or different from what is on the market?
  • Are you a qualified author on the subject matter?
  • Are you marketable?
  • Do you have a current following?
  • What is your ability to garner a larger community of followers?
  • What is your target audience?

Be sure to include information on speaking engagements, lectures, published articles, and any other pertinent information.



Action and Adventure, Christian, Inspirational, Mystery, Romance, Spiritual, Suspense, and Thrillers,


Biographies, Crime, Entertainment, History, Inspirational, Political Affairs, Popular Culture, Self Improvement, Spiritual, Sports, Travel, Women’s Issues


Any project that can show why there would be high commercial potential


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