•  Dedication to the long-term, global success of our clients by introducing their manuscripts to the top international editors.
  •  Focus on matching the right publisher and author, negotiation in the best interest of our client, and remaining actively involved over the life of every engagement.”


HMG continually attempts to find ways of getting our client’s books adapted for feature films. Thereby tapping the potential for a much larger audience. Overall branding can ultimately enhance the salability of our author’s titles.

We interact directly with various entities within the entertainment world to generate interest and additional ideas for publication. Those entities include, but are not limited to producers, productions studios, cable and network companies, talent managers and agents.


  •  Skilled in all genres of fiction and nonfiction.
  •  Social media networking opportunities.
  •  Foreign Rights management
  •  Provide independent publishing alternatives through our affiliate company.
  •  Innovative eBook publishing options.

Our foreign rights department will be regularly sourcing publishers through the London, Frankfurt, and Bologna book fairs. We recently signed an agreement with a Chinese affiliate to penetrate an otherwise unreachable part of the world. We continue to explore innovative ways to expand the global reach for our clients.


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